Doritos 'Feed Your Flock' ad ignites controversy

12:12 PM, Jan 6, 2011   |    comments
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In the "Feed Your Flock" ad, which has gone viral online, a pastor receives a divine message telling him to replace Holy Communion wafers with Doritos. The wine that represents the blood of Christ is replaced with Pepsi MAX. The commercial ends with a line of people trying to get into the church.

The actor who plays the minister came up with the idea.
"Those people misconstrued the content and intent of the ad.

The pastor did not consecrate the Doritos and Pepsi - therefore it is not the Eucharist," actor Michael Lyons says. A press release describes him as a devout Catholic.

The ad was produced by Media Wave Video Productions of Philadelphia.

"Some people have gotten a hold of it and turned it into something it wasn't," director Dave Williams says.

Williams says he's been getting calls of complaints from several Catholic organizations. PepsiCo is even receiving threats of boycotts. Williams says they did not set out to offend anyone.

Williams sent a list of clues in the ad that he says prove it is not communion being served in a Catholic church:

- Several religions represented in the wardrobes of the characters: Hare Krishna, Jewish, Amish.

- The youngest minister refers to Lyons as "pastor."

- Wedding ring on the pastor.

- No vestments, chalice, or any religious symbols - not even one cross

- No consecration of the chips and soda.

- Sign at the end of the ad outside the church says "Free Doritos and Pepsi Max Sunday."
Although the controversy is blowing up now, it is not a finalist in the Crash the Super Bowl contest.

WTSP-TV, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla.


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