Cleveland: Medical Mart construction underway, traffic patterns change

10:40 AM, Jan 3, 2011   |    comments
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Crews were changing the sidewalk patterns and moving large amounts of concrete fixtures in the early hours of Monday morning.

Concrete barricades are in place to re-direct pedestrian and car traffic around Malls B and C, between Lakeside and St. Clair Avenues.

Sidewalks on the north side of St. Clair Avenue will be closed. According to work crews, Mall B is closed entirely for Medical Mart construction.

Signs of work on Mall B can be seen where decorative concrete planters and sidewalks have already been removed.

During the construction, metered parking on the street will be very limited in the immediate area.

The curb lanes on Lakeside Avenue in both directions will be blocked between the Convention Center and the Justice Center, a span of about a block, prohibiting parking on that stretch of the road.

Franz Pastorius Boulevard, a popular parking area of West Mall Drive, won't have metered parking either during Medical Mart construction.


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