Think brain games for the holidays

7:03 PM, Dec 15, 2010   |    comments
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"It's important they learn how to solve problems, because when they get jobs they will have to solve problems," says Meyer.

He also believes parents should not let their children win at games, because they need to learn how to lose and work hard.

Below is a list of games Dr. Meyer recommends to stimulate young brains:

Ed Meyer's List of Favorite Games

Rush Hour - This single-player game involves freeing a red car in a traffic jam by moving other cars and trucks back and forth.  It will develop mental stamina and is a great introduction to the field of operations research.

Guess Who - An old game with many spin-offs ( lists at least five different versions).  It will develop the child's creativity and problem solving ability.  Also, by asking creative yes - no questions yourself, you can develop the child's thinking skills.  For example, "Does your person have red or white hair, or, does your person have an odd or even number of letters in their name?" 

Set - This card game is early to learn and the whole family can play.  It will develop a child's pattern recognition skills.

SOMA Blocks or SOMA Cubes - Introduced in 1936, SOMA blocks are seven blocks that can be arranged into a cube or an unending number of other shapes.  Your child can spend hours trying to complete a checklist of shapes.


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