Cleveland: Port buys more time to solve dredging problem

4:39 PM, Aug 6, 2010   |    comments
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The Port, the City of Cleveland and the Army Corps of Engineers are teaming up to move a massive amount of already-dumped sediment from Dike 10B.

The $7 million-plus project is buying the Port more time to solve a major headache.

Sludge must be cleaned out of the Cuyahoga River to let ships get to ArcelorMittal Steel and other companies.

Army Corps of Engineers Project Chief Matthew Snyder says those companies would have to close without dredging and sludge disposal. 

Studies now show the Port will run out of sludge storage area in or shortly after 2014.

This project is about moving 50 football fields of foot-deep sediment. That's 300,000 cubic yards.

It's being hauled to use as fill to clean a brownfield that's becoming a city industrial park on Pershing Road.

The relocated muck will empty enough storage space to give the Port another year to try to solve this problem.

New Port CEO Will Friedman says five sites are now under consideration and the list may expand.

A new sediment collection site might require the Port to come up with $133 million for its share of the project.

Some feared Port operations could shut down in a worst-case scenario.

Friedman says "Absolutely not. Failure is not an option."

There's hope that publicity about this project might generate more takers from developers or contractors who need fill for projects.

Friedman says it's time to stop thinking of sediment as a cost and start thinking of it as a usable commodity.


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