Cleveland: Fan in LeBron's Heat jersey draws ire at Indians' game

6:41 PM, Jul 29, 2010   |    comments
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Viewer photo submitted by Kory from Solon.

Fans in the left-field bleachers chanted obscenities and pointed at the man Wednesday night during the sixth inning of the game between the Indians and New York Yankees.

Hundreds of fans joined in before security led the man out of Progressive Field. As he left, some fans followed him toward the gate with more derisive chants.

The left field bleachers and the home run porch were packed with fans who were hoping to catch what would be Alex Rodriguez' 600th home run.

"I was going to catch A-Rod's ball. I was trying to," said Indians fan Eric Rudary, a high school student who attended the game with his buddy, Kory Sherman.

Rudary was on the home run porch and Sherman in the bleachers when the incident, which started to boil in the third inning, erupted.

They say the fan wearing the James jersey had part of beer spilled on him.

"As the game went on, the fans got more agitated at him," said Sherman, "Becuase he was like pumping up his jersey and stuff. You could tell he was trying to taunt the fans, trying to get something started."

James' recent departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat caused a lot of anger in the city.

By the sixth inning, the fan in the James jersey and his date were causing such a commotion, security arrived to ask them to leave the park.

On the way out, the woman appeared to be hit with something, and got into a fight with a third fan in the bleachers.

"Then all of the sudden, I saw not like a hamburger, but the bun go right at him. So he picked it up and threw it back at the guy," said Rudary. "And the guy, they met each other standing right in front of their faces, yelling at each other."

By the time the man and his date and the third man who had been in the fight were escorted out the stadium gate, fans had swarmed around them chanting obscenties and screaming.

The Cleveland Indians say the three fans had to be removed from Progressive Field for "security reasons."


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