Fan Forum: LeBron James leaves Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami Heat

8:21 AM, Jul 9, 2010   |    comments
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LeBron James has chosen to play for the Miami Heat next season, leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after seven seasons.  

James will join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

He made his long awaited decision during an ESPN special Thursday night (July 8) in Greenwich,  Connecticut. 

James has already predicted the Heat will be a real good team.

Some would say the Heat are the new 'Dream Team'. But there's still work to be done in Miami. 

The Heat will have to add players to their roster with limited money to spend.  The original idea of James, Wade, and Bosh teaming together started at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games when they played for the United States gold medal team.

James said that he went back forth with his decision. But after talking with his mother this morning, all signs pointed to Miami.

Fans reacted in anguish when James announced his choice. Many had gathered for watch parties, such as at the Barley House, in LeBron's hometown of Akron.  Many had hoped up to the last moment that James would choose to stay in his hometown.

Others reacted with anger.  Some gathered at the site of the larger than life LeBron billboard in downtown Cleveland to take out their frustrations by stomping on a James jersey.  Others ripped or burned posters of LeBron. 

Otherwise the city was quiet, but police are keeping an eye out to make sure the frustrations do no grow out of control.

Fans in Miami were jubilant.  In advance of the decision, the Heat had sold out season tickets for next year.

The Cleveland Cavaliers released the following statement:

"We believe in this team, this organization, this community, and what we will do to compete at the highest level. We believe in the new coach and leader we have in Byron Scott, and the world class basketball organization and positive and strong culture we've established. Dan Gilbert and our ownership group are firmly committed to reaching our goals and succeeding on the court and in the community, at the highest level."

"Our fans stepped up and showed their support, to a degree unlike anywhere else. We are fortunate to have the support of the best fans in the NBA. That passion and dedication will be rewarded. We will work relentlessly to continue to build a team that will contend. A team that will win championships. We are all competitors and our one goal is to win, that and Dan Gilbert and our ownership team's commitment and investment in this organization and community are constants that will not change."

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