Drew Carey urges council to make Cleveland business-friendly

3:04 PM, May 27, 2010   |    comments
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He came to city council to offer his ideas for "saving" Cleveland.
Carey is a Libertarian. The group believes in smaller, smarter and better government and lower taxes.

He urged council to bend over backward to make Cleveland the nation's most business-friendly city.

"We should not be satisfied if a company is in Brook Park or Solon. It should be in Cleveland so we get the tax money...think of all the regulations that make things difficult for businessmen and get rid of them, " said Carey.

Carey hosted a series of six web television segments examining Cleveland's declining population, struggling schools and business-obstructing behavior.

He urged Cleveland to privatize some things, including the West Side Market and city golf courses.

Some council members argue Carey was offering simple solutions to complex problems.

City Councilman Mike Polensek said the decline of Cleveland was more attributable to school desegregation and companies sending jobs overseas.

Council President Marty Sweeney got some laughs with a Price is Right-like stunt, asking Carey to rank the prices of a batch of Cleveland products ranging from sausage to Great Lakes Beer.

Carey said if he was not in show business, he would still live here. He still owns a home in Old Brooklyn.

Tom Beres will have more on Carey's appearance and reaction to it tonight on Channel 3 News beginning at 6.


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