Billboard created by Cavs fans encourages LeBron to stay

10:25 PM, Apr 17, 2010   |    comments
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Glen Infante's website, has more than 7,000 loyal followers.  The hot debate:  will LeBron James leave?

"There's a campaign where New Yorkers were gathering money to buy LeBron a gift when he arrives in New York.  And a lot of members were real angry about that and we wanted to respond to that."

Anger turned into the need to show appreciation. After two years, Glen and fellow fans finally know how.

"It's hard to contact him, send him an email, or even a big sign in the crowd, you know. You only get a small chance to see that sign. But a billboard, he'll definitely see a billboard on the streets of Cleveland."

The billboard is hanging across from the Q, on the side of a building on Prospect Avenue. 

It will catch the attention of fans walking to see playoff match-ups, and, as the creator hopes, catch the attention of the networks airing the games.

"Born here, raised here, plays here and stays here with the successful grown LeBron right here reaching for his goals -- which is whatever they might be," says Glen, showing us the graphic design and the slogan.

Glen's masterpiece was actually the mastermind of all real Cavs fans.

"Everybody voted on what they wanted to say, how they want it to look, and they even brought up their own ideas, they drew mock-ups and showed it to me and stuff like that."

Bigger than any courtside sign and stronger than any email, Glen is hoping larger-than-life LeBron will get the message.

"It's not a message from me.  It's a message from the fans."


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