Cleveland: Expert grades Tiger Woods' public statement

12:23 PM, Feb 22, 2010   |    comments
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Those are some of the observations of crisis communications advisor Barbara Paynter after she watched Tiger Woods' television appearance Friday.

Watch Tiger's statement

"The media is going to ask these questions, and they're going to hound him until he answers them," she said. 

Paynter said the global brand that is Tiger Woods was seriously damaged by his delay in speaking to his personal problems.

"I don't know that the brand can be redeemed very quickly," Paynter said, "so stay with the Nikes and other golf brands that will stay with you no matter what and just go play golf."

Paynter said there was anger in Woods' voice when he criticized the media for pursuing members of his family.

"The media didn't create this situation," she said.  "Tiger Woods created it."


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