Between the Lines: A million face new stormwater fee; safety forces face layoffs

6:45 PM, Jan 3, 2010   |    comments
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The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is poised to enact a plan to charge a stormwater control fee.

It would cost most homeowners $57 a year. Some would pay more, some would pay less.

Businesses could pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year.

The fee would be calculated based on the amount of hard surface (roof, driveway, patio or parking lot) on a property.

The money is need to tackle overdue projects to control flooding, erosion, and pollution caused by storm water.

A legal battle is brewing to block it. Some officials and businesses argue the sewer district cannot legally enact this.

More than a hundred Cleveland police officers, paramedics and firefighters have already received layoff notices.

Police and paramedic unions have rejected concessions. Firefighters have yet to vote.

Mayor Frank Jackson is asking all city workers to share in four percent cuts to balance the city budget.

Layoffs would start Jan. 10.

NEORSD District Director Julius Ciaccia joins Tom Beres and Channel 3 Political Analysts Bill Patmon and Lee Weingart on this edition of Between the Lines.


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