Cuyahoga Falls suspends two police officers

12:31 AM, Nov 13, 2002   |    comments
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  • City leaders suspended police Chief Gordon Tomlinson and his brother, Captain Tom Tomlinson. Both were told to leave all of their city items in place and were offered rides home by sheriff's deputies. A dispatcher came forward with allegations of sexual harassment last summer. Since then, a private investigative firm hired by city hall has been interviewing members of the police department about everything from sexual harassment to misuse of city computers. "We won't tolerate sexual harassment," said Cuyahoga Falls mayor Don Robert. "We will not tolerate other things being done within the department that are not serving the public. And without getting into any more detail, we're gonna make the adjustments necessary once the investigation is concluded." The suspensions are indefinite but do include continued pay for the chief and his brother. In the interim, retired chief Don Smith has been brought back to help run the department. City leaders initially approved $15,000 to conduct this investigation but are now asking for more money. City leaders say the investigation should conclude in one or two more weeks, but it's unknown if the outcome will be criminal charges or internal discipline.


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