Study: Convention Center foundation strong enough for Medical Mart

1:41 PM, Mar 4, 2009   |    comments
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MMPI, the project's planners, prefer the Convention Center site.

MMPI's own engineering studies concluded the foundation was sound enough to build on. They claim that could save millions in construction costs and make the site cheaper than a Tower City location.

The county commissioners have hired Osborn Engineering to review the MMPI study. They did that to address concerns raised by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

Osborn will announce its findings after Thursday's commission meeting.

But two sources tell Channel 3's Tom Beres the report will confirm the foundation is sturdy enough to build on.

MMPI is expressing impatience with Cleveland's often slow and cumbersome political process. It's concerned other cities may get a similar project off the ground first.

Commissioners will not make a final "official" choice of the Convention Center site until after March 10.

That's when Forest City takes its revised proposal to put the project behind Tower City to MMPI's brain trust in Chicago.

Forest City claims the project can be $26 million cheaper at its site than at the Convention Center location.

MMPI has called Forest City's proposal "un-doable and unrealistic."


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