NASA Glenn executives receive presidential rank award

3:16 PM, Dec 23, 2008   |    comments
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Every year, the president honors a small group of senior executives and senior career employees who have achieved results and consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in public service.

Award winners are chosen after a rigorous selection process. To qualify, individuals have to be be nominated by their agency heads, evaluated by boards made up of private citizens and approved by the president. The evaluation criteria focus on leadership and results.

The Presidential Rank Award winners are:

Woodrow Whitlow Jr., center director. He was named to the rank of distinguished executive for redirecting and refocusing Glenn and its products to provide more benefits to its customers and the American people. Whitlow restructured the center to be responsive to its space systems customers and provide more efficient management and implementation of aeronautics research programs. Whitlow lives in Cleveland.

Kenny E. Aguilar, director of center operations. He was named to the rank of meritorious executive for creating and implementing Glenn's new Space Mission Excellence Program, which focuses on developing systems engineering expertise necessary to support the center's contribution to NASA's space exploration efforts. Aguilar lives in Strongsville.

Gary T. Seng, chief of the Structures and Materials Division. He was named to the rank of meritorious executive for creating, planning and implementing several core programs and projects that developed aeronautics technologies with the potential to reduce emissions and improve safety. Seng lives in Olmsted Township.

Louis A. Povinelli, project scientist for the Supersonics Project of NASA's Fundamental Aeronautics Program. Povinelli was named to the rank of meritorious senior professional for helping to advance rocket and turbine engine technology and NASA research programs, and earning national and international recognition in the process. Povinelli lives in Westlake.

Each recipient will receive a lapel pin and a framed certificate signed by President Bush.

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