Latest Ohio poll: Romney leads Obama 50% to 48%

3:22 PM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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AVON LAKE -- Latest Rasmussen poll of Ohio shows Republican Mitt Romney has taken a 2 point lead over President Obama in Ohio.

Romney and running mate Paul Ryan were in Avon Lake Monday at a Victory Rally at Avon Lake High School.

The poll shows Gov. Romney leading with 50 percent to President Obama's 48 percent.

View the Rasmussen Ohio Poll

Among other points brought out by the poll:

  • 53 percent of Ohio voters trust Governor Romney when it comes to the economy to just 41 percent trusting the incumbent President
  • Romney is "trusted more by eight points in the areas of job creation and energy policy"
  • Romney now has a 52 percent to 42 percent advantage on the issue of national security
  • President Obama is upside down on job approval and favorables:
  • This includes Strong Approval from 29 percent and Strong Disapproval from 44 percent, giving the president a slightly worse job approval rating in Ohio than he earns nationally.
  • Gov. Romney is viewed favorably by 53 percent to 45 percent, "including 40 percent with a Very Favorable opinion of the former Massachusetts governor"
  • 49 percent of all Ohio voters view the U.S. economy as poor while only 15 percent now rate the economy as good or excellent.


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