Ohio bus driver investigated for texting while driving

12:08 PM, Mar 9, 2011   |    comments
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OAK HILL, OH -- An Oak Hill, Ohio school bus driver is under investigation after concerned parents approached Superintendent Carl McCrory with cell phone video showing him texting while driving children.

"It's a shame it happened, but the board and I have to make sure our students are kept safe. As an adult, the driver made a choice. They were warned many times before not to use cell phones," McCrory said.

Brian Smith and Jerry Mollett have kids who ride the bus every day.

"It's kind of scary to watch. You really just want to keep your kids safe. You hope they get to school to give them the best chance they've got in life. You don't want an accident or something like that to take it away," Smith said.

Texting and driving is also against the law.

Ohio's administrative code says the use of cellular devices are not allowed, except in emergency cases.

"I don't believe this was an emergency situation. The employee was offered the opportunity to explain that to me, and they would not hand over their cell phone records," McCrory said.

Because of the investigation, the bus driver's identity is required to remain anonymous.

However, the driver has been put on administrative leave.

"I hate to see somebody lose their job in this economy, but, if they decide that's the deal, then I understand," Mollett said.

"We all must follow the rules. The rules are meant to keep our children safe, so I don't know why somebody wouldn't want to follow the rules," McCrory said.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Oak Hill School System.

Statistics show texting and driving is much more dangerous than drinking and driving.

Looking off the road for six seconds equals 480 feet traveled when driving at a high rate of speed.

Oak Hill's School Board will take up the matter at its next meeting on March 17.


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