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Lake County: Deputy dodges soaked turf in pursuit

1:45 PM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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PERRY TOWNSHIP -- Chunks of soaking wet, flying sod don't deter deputy sheriff from pursuing thief.

The Lake County Sheriff's office was called out just before midnight Wednesday to the Limber Lost Motel for a report of a suspicious person.

The person was said to be walking back and forth from the Spit Fire Tavern next door and the Limber Lost. The Spit Fire Tavern is closed for business at this time so when Deputy Shaffer arrived at the tavern, he saw a man walking along the tree line toward the rear of the business.

The man caught sight of Shaffer and ran, with Shaffer pursuing him. The man got into a car parked at the Limber Lost Motel and drove off across the front lawn of the Limber Lost Motel.

That lawn was heavily turfed by the vehicle, resulting in sod being thrown into the air and saturating Shaffer as he continued in pursuit.

The car drove east on Narrows Road and entered Perry Village, where Perry Village Police Officers Specht and Collins stopped it.

The driver was identified as Louis James McElroy, 29, of Painesville.

According to the report, McElroy drove to the Limber Lost Motel with the intention of stealing items from the Spit Fire Tavern. He was found to be in possession of two items that were stolen from the Spit Fire Tavern.

McElroy was charged with driving with no valid operating privileges, driving with a suspended operators license, reckless operation of motor vehicle on private property, failure to comply with order to stop, criminal damaging, criminal trespassing and petty theft.

McElroy was booked into the Lake County Jail and will be arraigned in Painesville Municipal Court on May 28.


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