North Canton: Suspects stealing mail from residents' mailboxes

12:17 PM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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NORTH CANTON -- Police are investigating a series of thefts from residents' mailboxes in the southwest section of the city.

Last week they reported being contacted by their banks that money, withdrawn from their accounts, was done by someone cashing checks on closed accounts.

An investigation revealed the suspects are an older, balding man and a blonde woman driving a white Lincoln Town Car.

The couple is putting flyers advertising a flu shot in mailboxes that have the "red flag" up for outgoing mail to be picked up by the mail carrier.

The couple leaves the flyer and takes the persons outgoing mail, all the while looking for people sending personal checks in the mail.

Then they take the person's name and bank account information off the checks and go deposit a bad/stolen check into the victim's account and withdraw half of it back out in cash.

So far, the suspects have received several thousands of dollars from the victims.

Police want residents to be mindful and cautious about sending checks in the mail.

If this type of incident has occurred to you, please contact your local law enfacement agency to report it.

Anyone who has information that can help in the identification of the suspects, please contact North Canton Police Detective R. Manse at (330) 499-5911.


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