Craigslist teen murder trial timeline

11:58 PM, Oct 23, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON, Ohio -- As the closing arguments are set to begin in the trial of Brogan Rafferty, the 17-year-old accused of murder with Richard Beasley in the Craigslist ad killings, here are some of the important moments thus far:

October 12: Opening arguments. 

Scott Davis, the lone survivor of the crime, takes the stand.

Davis recounts for the jury how he met Rafferty at a breakfast meeting with Beasley. He details how he was led to Ohio by the phony job advertisement; and how he was shot and ran for his life.

October 18: Prosecutors showed the jury pictures of a suitcase full of weapons recovered in Rafferty's bedroom. None of the guns, however, are conclusively linked to the three men he's accused of killing.

The same day, the jury also hears taped interviews Rafferty gave to a Noble County Sheriff's Detective.  Rafferty describes how he was involved in the plot to kill Ralph Geiger, David Pauley and Tim Kern.

October 19: A former assistant principal from Rafferty's high school in Stow describes the teenagers calm and nonchalant demeanor in the fall of 2011, the time of the crimes.

October 22: The defense presents its case. They try to paint a sympathetic picture of Rafferty.

October 23: Brogan Rafferty takes the stand.  He tells the jury about raising himself from age six, of growing up with a crack-addicted mother and and an absent father.

Rafferty talks about how Beasley was the father figure he never had.  He then tells the jury about how his feelings for Beasley changed to fear the day he saw the man show the first victim. 

Rafferty tells the jury Beasley threatened to kill the teen or his family if he didn't help him with his plan.


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