Celebrating Black History: JD and Sabrina Ellis

6:59 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- JD Ellis has been Senior Pastor of the Pentecostal Church of Christ in University Circle for 23 years. "This church was started in 1900. I like this neighborhood. And I love this temple," he says. 

Bishop Ellis has seen many changes in his congregation and his neighborhood in the last two decades. And as a minister, he's in touch with the many who depend on him for guidance.

"The biggest need we have right now is survival. Jobs. Our people are suffering, because of a lack of jobs or adequate jobs," he says.

His biggest ally in trying to help is his wife, Pastor Sabrina Ellis.

"There's some enthusiasm in the air in our church. And we've tried to transition from the traditional and combining the old with the new," Sabrina Ellis said.

Part of that transition means more programs for the neighborhood, like a camp for children and a program to help women in abusive relationships.

But all here agree, what makes this church work is the love story of Bishop and Pastor Ellis, and their passion for the people of their church and beyond. It's a 30-year marriage that has proven to be productive and inspiring.

Sabrina Ellis says, "I know I'm married to a man who would anything in his power. And if it's not within his power, he's going to do everything to make it happen." 

With a loving glance, her husband added, "That's my best friend. That's my buddy. And these people. They are funny. We laugh together, we cry together. I love them and they love me."


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