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Black History Month: Crime fighting with faith

5:41 AM, Feb 9, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The Hundredfold Church on Cleveland's east side is using hope and faith to fight crime.

The church sits along Buckeye Road in Cleveland, just past E. 112th Street.

For Pastor Irma Williams, it's a location with significance.

"We want to stay inner-city because we believe our ministry is geared toward such," Williams explains.

Pastor Williams says the church had an opportunity to move out of this struggling area, but instead they chose to stay.

"It helps with things like even minimizing crime. Amen," Williams said. "When you give people a sense of value. We might be a help to motivate, to stimulate, and raise up the community."

The Hundredfold Church is one of several churches in this area.

Pastor Williams says people have asked if there is too much "competition."

Her response?

"The more the merrier. The more we can bring to brighten and lift up the community, the better. And the people seem to be more hopeful."

At first glance, the church may not look like much -- its walls are bare, its pews are plain, even its exterior is muted.

In fact, there isn't even a sign to let you know that the Hundredfold Church is there.

A small purple banner hanging out front is the only indication.

But Pastor Williams says this is all intentional.

She wants the message of hope, of strength, of a better tomorrow to be the focus -- the basis, she says, of the African-American journey.

"What it looks like, what it feels like -- above all of that, faith says it's going to get better," Williams said. "There's still hope, amen, there's no reason to look back but to look ahead and understand that the way gets brighter, the load gets lighter when we trust in God by faith."

The Hundredfold Church praise singers will be performing on Channel 3 News Today on Friday.


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