Hy Snell, blind artist, teaches us to 'see' the possible

7:08 PM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
Hy Snell. Photo courtesy of Pfizer.
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BEACHWOOD -- We here at Channel 3 are always trying to inspire, to encourage and to see the possible.

Meet Hy Snell.

Hy is 94 years old.

Hy is an artist.

Hy has sold more than 1,000 paintings over his life.

Hy is blind.

But that lack of sight doesn't stop his "vision."

"Right now, because of my sight, I'm using rich color," Snell says. "And it's exciting to me to see the color too -- although I don't think I see them. I just imagine it."

Ten years ago, Snell started losing his sight, but that didn't slow him down.

"Because I'm a happy person, I think. I don't grumble, I don't complain, I just move on. That's all," he said.

This 94-year-old man is also a "poster boy" -- so to speak.

The Pfizer pharmaceutical company heard about Snell and used him in their "get old" ad campaign. A huge billboard of Snell's image and story hung in New York City's Times Square and is now displayed on 42nd Street in Manhattan. The campaign challenges all of us to rethink how we "get old."

How old does Hy feel when he's painting?

"10! That's the nicest feeling and it hasn't changed either. But I enjoy life. I enjoy painting. It's a wonderful world!"

And it's more wonderful because of people like Snell.

On this very date, back on Sept. 24, 1918, Snell was born. Happy 95th birthday, Hy!


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