Ohio teens: Pledge to quit texting behind the wheel

6:03 PM, Nov 12, 2010   |    comments
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  • Teen Text Pledge
  • 96.5 KISS FM, Channel 3 and other businesses are teaming up to make sure teenagers practice safe driving.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports 52% of 16 to 17 years olds who have cell phones admit to using them while driving.

    Texting while driving is the equivalent to driving after drinking four beers.

    Close to 6,000 people died and 515,000 were injured in 2008 due to distracted drivers.

    All drivers between the ages of 15 to 20 have to do is sign a pledge not to text and driver.  Click here for a link to The Teen Text Pledge.

    The first 965 teenagers who come to Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom with the sign pledge will get in free on Friday, June 11, 2010. IYAZ will also perform that day. Doors open at 10:30am


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