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Fit Friday: What's underneath your skin? "Bodies: The Exhibit" can teach us healthy lessons

7:16 AM, Jul 16, 2010   |    comments
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  • "Bodies: The Exhibition," can show us what is underneath, once we peel off a few layers.

    "You really do start to think about how all your muscles run together and how they function together with the bones and the nerves and the blood vessels so you really make that connection," says Alisa Mahan, lead docent of the exhibition.

    She also has an exercise physiology degree.  It's given her - and most visitors - a new perspective on health and fitness.

    Real cadavers in athletic poses show just how strong their muscles are, but also how integral each muscle is to functioning, especially the core.

    "For instance if you're on a treadmill and you're running and you're not pulling from your core and you hear a pound pound pound ... or if you're on the pavement.  If you don't and you're silent, then you're pulling from your core," says Mahan.

    Exposed tissues show how vulnerable our midsections can be to excess fat.

    "The omentum which is the protective covering of the stomach and the intestine it's a fatty connective tissue so if you're eating foods high in cholesterol, typically that is where the fat is going to deposit," Mahan says.

    And those nerves that give us so much trouble could be connected to a weak spot.

    So if you need a little motivation to whip yourself into shape, why not take a look at what's underneath your skin?


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