Fit Friday: Mother of triplets shares advice to get back in shape

8:48 AM, May 7, 2010   |    comments
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Professional figure competitor Niki DelGrosso makes a living staying fit. But 19 months ago, life changed. Niki had triplets.

Although her routine changed, she doesn't let it throw off her workouts.

"I was really, really in need of getting back to it because it felt like freedom a little bit. I had my body back."

During and after pregnancy, Niki stuck to a safe but effective abdominal routine. And for cardio, Niki recommends the elliptical.

"So what happens is your hips get a little bit unstable because you've been carrying weight here and now its not there anymore. So the best way to go is to find an elliptical that matches your hip style. This is the one I picked because its a forward motion, it keeps your hips kind of close and it works the entire body."

If you have wider hips look for an elliptical with a more up and down motion.

Nicki and her husband own Titan Gym in Mentor and are soon opening one in Cleveland.


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