Fit Friday: Train on treadmill for a road race

8:31 AM, Feb 12, 2010   |    comments
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Trainer Tonya Banzhaf puts her runners through a treadmill workout that can help build endurance and speed.

It involves picking up the pace and raising the elevation for 30 second intervals, then dropping down to a walk and recovery for either a minute or 45 seconds.

"You want to engage your heart rate because you want to make sure you're not working out of your zones. When you're doing your intervals, you want to take it up. But you want to make sure you're coming down quickly as well."

This will help anyone training for a road race without having to risk slipping on the ice and snow outside.

"I think you can do your hill, you can do your speed work, you can do a lot of it on the treadmill. But, again, the treadmill is forcing you. Outside, you need to force yourself to run."

If you want to win a free entry fee to one of the upcoming road races in Cleveland, be one of the first five people to email Tonya at


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