Fit Friday: Top calorie-burning foods that are also inexpensive

2:17 PM, Jan 15, 2010   |    comments
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With the majority of Americans trying to lose weight in the New Year, it's difficult to know which foods are good and which foods are better than just good.

There are some foods you might have in your refrigerator right now that help you burn calories.

Some of the easiest and inexpensive ones top the list. The first food to eat and lose weight is eggs. 

Dr. Michael Roizen told us that studies show people who eat an egg-white omelet in the morning end up losing more weight than others who ate traditional breakfasts.

Another easy fat-burning food is an apple.

"It's got a lot of fiber and its got a lot of pectin and pectin is this wonderful substance that is, not only seems to slow the process of digestion, which means you stay full longer, which means you don't feel like eating as much," says Roizen.

A handful of nuts a day will also help you stay fuller for longer.  Dr. Roizen recommends eating 12 almonds or 20 peanuts an hour or two before a meal, because the nuts will help curb that hunger.

Canned salmon is one of Dr. Roizen's favorite proteins. 

"It is the overage... most salmon is the overage of the Alaskan Salmon run. So, it's inexpensive and it's the healthiest salmon and they put it all in cans in late June and July. It's what they can't sell of the wild salmon which is 75 percent of the salmon run. They put it in cans and make it really inexpensive and it's the healthiest thing you can do."

If you don't like green tea, try eating more beans. 

"Beans have a lot of flavinoids, in addition to their other protein and things that people know. But the colorful beans, so you want to get more colored beans, like these lima beans or fava beans, because they contain flavinoids. And flavinoids actually speed metabolism and protect your arteries," says Dr. Roizen.


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