Cleveland: Potholes still plague drivers on city streets

6:56 PM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The winter driving season has come to an end. No more snow and ice should mean that city crews can get out and fix those potholes and bumpy roads. So, why are there so many Cleveland city streets with dangerous craters?

Cory Neiderman says his car has at least $100 worth of damage from a hole on Fleet Avenue around Broadway Avenue.

"I'm pretty sure that's where it happened because I hit a really bad one there. I didn't see it coming. There's constantly people with their ball joints broken right along Fleet," says Neiderman.

The City of Cleveland says they converted all of their trucks from salt and snow removal to hot asphalt 30 days ago. It also doubled their crews from 6 to 12, with at least 4 people to a crew.

We asked the City of Cleveland's Director of Public Works what he has to say to all the drivers still ranting and raving about dangerous potholes.

"What I have to say to them is that we are working diligently to fill all potholes. By 1st of June, middle of June, we hope to be finished with everything out there," says Michael Cox.

But when asked if by June first drivers would have smooth roads to drive upon, Cox said, "don't hold me to June first, but we are looking to get done with our mains by June 1st."

If you see a pothole or have experienced a problem, call the main line for the City of Cleveland Department of Public Works, 216-644-2510.

Or you can check out their website by clicking here.


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