Sales multiply for Cleveland-area candy company Malley's

10:58 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Easter is the biggest holiday for Malley's Chocolates, as sales multiply like, well, bunnies.

So we cracked open the numbers.

We'll get to jelly beans in a moment, but first, with the help of my shopping friend Pat, let's start with the popular 10 ounce chocolate bunny.  

How many of these are sold? Malley's say they will sell 150,000 just this season.  The smaller pieces have big sales too, 300,000 packages of these chocolates will sell for Easter.

For the jelly beans, Malley's pours in about 240 jelly beans per package for a grand total of 13 million, 440,000 individual jelly beans. 

In fact, Americans as a whole are expected to buy 120 million pounds of candy this Easter season.

Happy Easter!


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