Lake County: Plow drivers cashing in on snowfall

7:30 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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MADISON -- Leasure is his last name, but Ben's not enjoying much of it this week.

"Oh boy, it's been hectic," Leasure said.

And he's not complaining.

His Leasure Landscapes landscaping business turns into snow removal one driveway at a time.

Ben started when he was 15 with a shovel and a used snowblower. Now he has five employees, including his wife Karen, 4 plows and 80 clients.

The more piles of snow mean more piles of cold cash.

Ben says last year they only plowed six times. His finances and the forecast go hand in hand.

Too much snow is never a problem for Ben and his crew. But he doesn't mind getting a little break with next week's warm up.

Ben has 300 clients during the spring and summer for his landscaping business.


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