Consumer @7: Things to buy now before the price goes up

7:43 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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There are everyday expenses that will be getting more expensive soon. Here are a few things we should buy now, so we don't have to pay more later.

Stamps: If you send a bill out in the mail today, it will cost you 45 cents. Starting Jan. 27, it will cost you 46 cents.

Smart phone apps: Usually you can download them for free or for about a dollar. Industry analysts say instead of paying 99 cents once for an app, you might have to start subscribing and paying 99 cents a month for an app.

Used cars: Many leases are up in 2013 and Kelly Blue Book is expecting another drop in used car prices.

Life insurance: Life insurance rates fell to all time lows, but won't stay there. A few carriers have pushed rates up to 5 percent or 10 percent already.


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