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Consumer Minute: Campbell Soup's Warhol editions

3:59 PM, Sep 2, 2012   |    comments
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People are dumping their Samsung gadgets. After Apple's big court victory over Samsung, people have been selling off their Samsung products. The thought is consumers are worried their phones and electronics will have inferior software upgrades moving forward. Resale site Gazelle is seeing a surge in Samsung sales. Last week, a jury ruled Samsung was infringing on Apple's patents and had to stop using that technology.

Amazon is expected to unveil a new Kindle Fire next week. This is good news for anyone who has been craving the product because it sold out. Amazon launched the tablet last November and an estimated 5 million have sold.

Your can of soup can now double as a work of art. Campbell Soup is unveiling special edition cans influenced by the late Andy Warhol. You'll find it on the classic condensed tomato soup sold in Target stores starting this Sunday. The soup is only 75 cents. It's not such a strange fit as some of Warhol's iconic works feature Campbell Soup labels.


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