Consumer Minute: Hot hybrids, your credit score goes mobile

7:10 PM, Jul 18, 2012   |    comments
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Gas prices have stayed low this summer. But do you trust them to stay that way? A lot of consumers don't apparently.

Sales of hybrid cars and alternative fuel vehicles are rising. USA Today took a look at Kelly Blue Book stats and found a sales jump of more than 164 percent last month. The hottest seller is the Toyota Prius, which tripled its sales from last year.

Following in a close second, the Chevy Volt, doubling it's sale numbers. And the Lexus CT200 increased 500 percent from last year.

Why should you have to jump through hoops to get your credit score? Credit Karma -- a consumer advocate group -- says its your score, you should get it when you want. So, they created an iPhone app called "Credit Karma Mobile."

If you have it on your phone, you can get a free credit score but also constantly monitor your credit on the go. Why would you want to do that? Well, the Bureau of Justice Statistics says more than 8 million households in the U.S. had at least one person in their family who was a victim of identity theft in 2010 alone.

The US Department of Agriculture says only 31 percent of the country's corn crop is considered "good" or "excellent". That's down from 40 percent last week and compared to last year at this time, when 66 percent of our corn crops were "good."

That means we are all going to be paying more for everything we buy. Especially a product like beef, since the cattle rely on corn feed.


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