Consumer Minute: Best local flight deals, Buckeyball dangers

6:38 PM, Jul 17, 2012   |    comments
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Saul Loeb/Getty Images

As it usually does, the summer flies by. And flying somewhere to make the most of it isn't out of the question or the budget.

Gas prices stayed low. So, not only are airlines paying less to fuel up, but a lot of families chose to drive instead of fly. Less demand on the airlines means cheaper tickets for you.

We talked to George Hobica, founder of airfare He says August vacations will be cheaper.

When it comes to Cleveland and Akron, he says Southwest has the best deals. There are roundtrip flights for under $200 out of Cleveland and Akron to Denver, New York City and Chicago.

In the meantime, United Airlines holds the worst luggage record of any major arline this year, says

Every month, the airline loses nearly 20,000 checked bags. A United spokesperson says bad weather and a higher number of missed connections is to blame.

Buckeyballs are a new toy that's causing a lot of buzz. The packaging brags that these are some of the strongest magnets on earth. It has a warning label that Buckeyballs are dangerous if swallowed.

But now Ohio U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown and the FDA say this warning is not enough. They want the Consumer Product Safety Commission to do more to keep these out of kid's hands and mouths!

Hospitals in both Cleveland and Columbus have had kids in the emergency room after they swallow these little magnets. If swallowed, these magnets can bind intestines together and cause serious injury or even death.


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