Unused Groupons? You could have money coming your way

11:45 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- If you've ever bought a Groupon, but forgot to use it, you could have money coming your way. The discount dealer agreed to settle a class action lawsuit regarding expiration dates on deals.

Unclaimed discounts discouraged a lot of Groupon users.

"I've not used a Groupon - actually quite a few of them," says Sindhura Nandigam, "After that, I actually stopped buying Groupons because if you tell me 100% guarantee and don't do that, I can't trust you anymore."

So after years of complaints and a class action lawsuit, Groupon has agreed to refund some of the money.

So, how do you get in on the settlement benefits? Submit a claim form on www.grouponvouchersettlement.com. It asks for your name, email address, Groupon expiration date, merchant, voucher purchase number and amount paid. All that information would be on the original Groupon.

The settlement is 8.5 million. But after legal fees, each Groupon user could get just pennies. There's also an option to get a voucher for the same amount you paid for other goods and services. Claim forms need to be filled out by July 6th.

"We'll gladly take it after for face value of whatever is on the Groupon," says Renee Grendow, owner of Danny Boy's Pizza in Rocky River.

Danny Boy's beat Groupon to the punch. They're still honoring the face value of expired Groupons.

"They've already spent their hard earned money on it, they've chosen your place and it's bringing them in the door, then someone should honor it," says Grendow.


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