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Akron: City website hacked, data compromise unclear

12:15 AM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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AKRON -- The City of Akron's official website has been hacked.

Rick Schmahl, Chief Information Officer, says the city became aware of the problem around 2 p.m.

Links on the page originally directed to a website in Turkey.

Schmahl says the city's IT department is working to rapidly fix the issue, but a timeline is unclear.

A group claiming to be a hacking organization called Turkish Ajan is taking credit for the breach on Twitter.

The group has also claimed responsibility for several city government hacks in various U.S. towns, as well as large global corporations.

Schmahl says firewalls are in place on the city website, but the firewalls were broken through.

Officials are not sure if any information was stolen in the hack, or if the claims of compromised information put forth by Turkish Ajan are fake.

However, the spreadsheets posted by the hacking group contain over 30,000 entries from Summit County, including names, social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers.

Channel 3 spoke with one of the individuals whose information is listed in the spreadsheet.

The Akron resident says he pays his income taxes through the city website, and he attributes that as to the reason why he is listed.

Late Thursday, city officials released a statement:

Until a full understanding is reached regarding the website and the extent of the invasion, citizens are encouraged to keep a close eye on their personal information.  This includes monitoring bank accounts, using secure passwords (using random upper and lower case letters, and numbers), and reviewing credit reports.

"The City has enlisted the help of state authorities and the FBI," noted Mayor Don Plusquellic.  "We are taking all necessary steps to assess the damage, remedy the situation, and protect our citizens."


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