Browns' Josh Cribbs cast in 'The Murders of Brandywine Theater'

2:47 PM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
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KENT -- Akron-based Eddy Spaghetti Productions is filming a new movie entitled "The Murders of Brandywine Theater" in the Akron, Kent and Cleveland areas right now.

One of the cast members is none other than Cleveland Browns' wide receiver and return specialist Josh Cribbs, playing the role of Brick, the town bully. The role was written specifically for Cribbs and his scenes were shot in a neighborhood in Kent.

The film is about a small town "loser" and puppeteer Henry Costa, who finally finds the courage he's lacked all his life when his dummy, Moxxy, starts speaking up for him and, eventually, begins murdering those who always pushed him around.

Cribbs picks on Henry and we won't spoil the film for you but you can pretty much figure out what happens to him.

Eddy Spaghetti Productions

Cribbs was added to the cast just days before the film started production.

Eddy Spaghetti Productions Facebook page


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