Student group wants guns legal on NE Ohio campuses

9:28 AM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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AKRON -- Right now, the only legal guns on the University of Akron campus are carried by 43 police officers.

But the nationwide group "Students for Concealed Carry" is attempting to launch a chapter there as part of a growing push to allow students with concealed carry permits to legally bring guns to class.

The group was formed in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings.

State rules and student regulations prohibit guns at state schools. Private universities also ban them.

Efforts are underway at The University of Akron, Lakeland Community College, and Case Western Reserve Universities, as well as at institutions of higher education in other parts of the state.

At CWRU, junior Rylan Pyciak wants to be able to carry a gun.

He has an Ohio Concealed Carry permit.

Ohio Concealed Carry Law

Colleges and universities that allow guns on campus

"You can carry virtually anywhere else. I'm considered a responsible adult to carry in virtually every other location. Why should that change on university property?" he asks.

Case Western University's statement is as follows:

"The safety of our community is the university's top priority...We support the Executive Committee of the Association of American Universities that calls upon the President and Congress to address the tragic issue of gun violence in a manner that relies on thoughtful deliberation and rigorous research in developing comprehensive and meaningful solutions."

A recent University of Toledo survey found most professors are against allowing guns on campus. 94 percent of faculty members at universities in 5 states, including Ohio, prefer to keep gun ban in place.

The University of Akron's Police Chief Paul Callahan believes safety officials at most Ohio colleges do to.

"I don't think it is conducive to a positive learning environment...It creates a big problem for us as first responders. It's tough to tell who is the good guy and the bad guy," he said.

Supporters of the group plan campus protests in April where demonstrators will wear empty holsters.

You must be 21 years old to get an Ohio Concealed Carry permit.


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