Akron: State report card proves schools' progress

1:00 PM, Sep 28, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- A preliminary report card from Ohio's Department of Education is leading Akron Public Schools to believe they are going to earn a rating of Continuous Improvement.

APS officials say the district continues to be a leader among Ohio's largest city school districts in graduation rates; has increased its performance in reading, science and math; and has shown strong year-to-year learning growth.

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In a year with a new federally mandated graduation rate calculation, the district ranked among the highest of the eight urban districts in Ohio with an average graduation rate of 75.3 percent over four years, officials said.

That number grows to 80.5 percent when including summer and fall graduates.

Akron Public Schools Accountability

Officials said other report highlights for APS include: continued improvement in elementary and middle school reading, significant increases in all grade levels tested in science, and solid increases across nearly every grade (6 out of 8) in math.

Overall, the district met its Value Added rating, with students in grades 3-8 making a year's growth in a year's time in reading and math (seven schools moved their students more than one year's growth in one year's time, and 29 schools moved their students one year in a year's time).

"We've worked hard to prepare students for college and careers," Superintendent David W. James said. "We're finding out what works, and now we're seeing the results."

"APS ranks as one of the best large urban public school districts in the state and continues to make steady progress year after year," James continued.

"Our students are getting a year's worth of learning value out of every school year, which should be encouraging to Akron's parents and taxpayers."  


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