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Canton: Football movie needs extras for stadium scene

1:36 PM, Jul 26, 2012   |    comments
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CANTON -- Just days before the actual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement ceremony, Hollywood is making its own pigskin magic.

"Underdogs," a movie about a small-town high school football team destined to play their rival perennial powerhouse, will be filming a stadium scene in Canton on Wednesday, Aug. 1.

Casting officials say the scene is actually a family event.

"Although we'll be shooting a movie, there's going to be real football playing action and a real game between the actors," Lillian Pyles Casting said in a Facebook post. "It's sure to be a fun, historical day."

Anybody interested in participating in the scene as an extra, should e-mail a photo, contact number and confirmation of availability to with "AUG. 1" in the subject line.

You can also click here to sign up to be an extra.

The film is entirely being shot in Ohio through mid August and is directed by Canton native Doug Dearth. Filming began in Canton last week.

A "mansion party scene" is scheduled to be filmed somewhere in Canton on Thursday night from 8:30 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Auditions will also be held this weekend (July 27 and 28) for experienced football players who would like to be in the movie. If you're interested in that role, you should e-mail with a head shot/photo, contact number and position(s) you play.

In addition to local folks, the cast has some recognizable names as well:

William Mapother ('Lost,' 'The Grudge')

Scott Patterson ('Saw' 4-6, 'Gilmore Girls')

Charles Carver ('Desperate Housewives')

D.W. Moffett ('Happily Divorced,'

Logan Huffman ('V' television series)

Maddie Hasson ('The Finder' television series)

According to Media Services Entertainment, the movie is about beating the odds and rising to the challenges both on and off the field" like 'Hoosiers,' 'Rudy' and 'Facing the Giants."

The film's website offers this deeper description of the movie:

Bobby Burkett is the promising quarterback for the Knights, but his Division Four school has never made a playoff appearance until Coach Vince DeAntonio's arrival. Their gruff new coach recruits a talented but insecure receiver and gives a juvenile delinquent offensive lineman a second chance. When Bobby falls for rival cheerleader Renee Donohue, a battle for more than a championship begins with the Falcon's "golden boy" quarterback John Hanford III.

Meanwhile, Bobby's father is being sued by his former employer and town patriarch John Hanford II over the intellectual rights to a revolutionary new energy saving product. With their home at stake, things look grim for the Burketts... until rumors of Hanford Corp's move to Mexico surface. Now with hundreds of manufacturing jobs at stake and their honor to defend, the Knights represent the entire community as they face the Falcons in a "Game Of Champions" that becomes bigger than the state finals.


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