Washington D.C.: Renacci authors law to stop IRS abuse

6:06 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON D.C.-- Congressman Jim Renacci is calling it the "STOP IRS Act."

He is the author of new proposed legislation designed to punish Internal Revenue Service workers who harrass or over-investigate taxpayers and groups for political reasons.

His staff claims he has bipartisan co-sponsorship that is growing.

The law is in response to the scandal surrounding IRS workers who targed Tea Party and other patriotic or conservatives groups that applied for tax-exempt status.

Group members told investigators they had to answer more and more probing questions about their political beliefs and their applications took longer to be processed than other groups.

The STOP IRS Act would let the IRS immediately fire workers who unfairly targeted specific groups.

Renacci serves on the Ways and Means Committee that is looking into the IRS abuses.

The present laws governing the IRS lists ten specific kinds of misconduct that would warrant termination.

Targeting a taxpayer for political purposes is not mentioned.

Renacci said, "In light of the recent admissions by the IRS, and the lack of accountability in the wake of those admissions, it is imperative that we enact legislation that specifically states the targeting of of taxpayers for political purposes will not be tolerated."


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