Cleveland Councilman's DUI delays vote on ban

6:40 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND --- City Councilman Zack Reed's third DUI charge is apparently delaying a vote on his proposal to ban drivers talking on hand-held phones in Cleveland.

Reed authored Cleveland's law which bans texting and driving in Cleveland.

His proposal to ban driving and talking on hand-held phones was passed by council's safety and legislation committee.

Reed claims he has the needed votes for council to pass it.

Council's Finance Committee still must hear it before a full council vote.

But Council President Marty Sweeney told WKYC's Tom Beres the measures are being put off to the side until Reed's DUI issues are resolved.

That upset Reed. Sweeney is not a big fan of the legislation.

"This just gives them a reason to hold it," Reed said.

Reed said his problems should have no bearing on a council vote.


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