Between the Lines: PD changes, Opportunity Corridor, NASA Glenn future

2:55 PM, Apr 7, 2013   |    comments
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The Plain Dealer has finally announced its long-awaited changes.

A new, more digitally focused company is being formed.

Despite rumors it might follow sister papers to publishing three days a week, it will still publish daily.

But there's a big change in home delivery. The paper will only come to your doorstep three days a week, specific days to be dteremined.

And layoffs are still coming.

What will the changes mean to readers and the paper's ability to cover the news?

Governor John Kasich came to Cleveland twice last week.

Once he was here to push for parts of his budget that may be dead because of Republican opposition, like expanding Medicaid, applying the sales tax to more services, and taxxing gas and oil drillers more.

His other trip was to celebrate a new transportation budget that may provide money to get the Opportunity Corridor project rolling sooner.

What would an earlier start to that roadway between Cleveland's east side and University Circle mean?

A longshot Tea Party candidate is vying to become chairman of the Ohio Republican party.

Is the Tea Party becoming a growing force in the state?

A recent NASA Glenn audit says Glenn and its sister facility at Plumbrook have facilities that are outdated and duplicate some at other facilities.

NASA Glenn has been struggling to stay strong as its missions keep changing.

What does this audit say about its future in government's present belt-tightening mode.?

NASA External Program Director Steve Sanderson provides some answers.

Tom Beres discusses these questions with Plain Dealer columnists Mark Naymik and Joe Frolik on this edition of Between the Lines.


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