Between the Lines: Governor at-large, Air Show grounded, council map flap

10:36 AM, Mar 31, 2013   |    comments
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Governor John Kasich has a lot on his plate and he's not looking for more controversies.

That's the upshot of Tom Beres' one-on-one with the Governor this week.

The governor was engaging and freewheeling, covering a lot of topics beyond the scheduled time for the interview.

He's focusing on creating jobs and promoting big ideas.

Some of those big ideas -- a new higher education funding plan and transportation plan using funds from turnpike-funded bonds will become reality.

Some face a tougher slog through the state legislature, including expanding Medicaid, proposed tax cuts and tax reforms.

Which do Kasich think will succeed?

He volunteered to play an if-asked-by-all role in the Strongsville teachers' strike and offered advice to negotiators on both sides.

What are his thoughts about his increasing popularity and possible opponent Ed FitzGerald?

What about gay marriage?

The sequester has claimed a big victim. The Cleveland Air Show is grounded because the Thunderbirds can't fly.

Will cancellations like this have any impact on lawmakers?

Cleveland's New City Council map is a reality after weeks of  controversy about tranparency and split communities.

City Council President Marty Sweeney and mapmaker/pollster Bob Dykes are guests to discuss why it was done the way it was.

Tom Beres joins conservative Plain Dealer columnist Kevin O'Brien and Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chairman Blaine Griffin to discuss these topics on this edition of Between the Lines.


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