Ohioans want to hear President talk manufacturing

7:46 PM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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EUCLID -- Euclid's Stamco Industries hosted a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

But now that the election is over, owner Bill Sopko has moved on and is hoping to hear President Obama focus on important issues for manufacturing in his State of the Union remarks.

Sopko is concerned about two big issues -- taxes and workforce training.

He says the fiscal cliff deal has raised his firm's taxes so that they are way above those paid by foreign competition.

"Out of every dollar, 40 cents is going out in taxes," he said.

Stamco makes parts for trucks, airplane brakes and "green" industries.

And many of the firm's Baby Boomer generation workers are approaching retirement, with few skilled younger workers ready to replace them.

He appreciates the President's commitment to workforce training thus far.

"He needs to continue to take the lead because, out of the Beltway, out here in the Plains states where people work, we're going to need people," he said.

Senator Sherrod Brown is counting on manufacturing being a major theme of the Presdident's remarks.

"Since the auto rescue, we've gained 500,000 manufacturing jobs. The President wants to build on that momentum with interesting ideas and manufacturing innovation," he said.

U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown hopes to create more Manufacturing Innovation Centers, like one operating in Youngstown.

Brown compares it to a teaching hospital, where good ideas interact.

He says helping create more such centers are in the President's budget.

Arcelor Mittal Steelworker Cookie Hall will be a guest of Brown's at the State of the Union.

She wants to hear more about "better paying jobs to get people to go back to a middle-class family lifestyle where you can be proud of your job and proud of yourself."

Sopko will be watching, hoping Democrats and Republicans can unite behind some common ideas.

"I get together with friends and have a glass of beer and we all shake our heads and say they've got to do something or we'll be in big trouble," he said.


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