Cleveland: State lawmaker reintroducing gun proposals

6:54 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The Newtown killings have many people talking about a need to reconsider more regulations on guns and ammunition.

State Representative Bill Patmon is hoping that momentum will boost the chances of passing three legislative proposals that died in the last session and still face an uphill fight in a legislature more supportive of gun rights than gun restrictions.

"Sandy Hook opened a lot of eyes...Absolutely, it's a new day," Patmon said.

His three proposals are :

  • Requiring gun owners to secure weapons in gun safes or using trigger locks
  • Changing building signs from those showing which buildings do not allow guns inside to indicating which do permit visitors bringing in guns
  • Requiring all Ohio schools to have metal detectors paid for with Homeland Security funds.

Patmon says all Ohio schools should look at the experience of Cleveland schools, where metal detectors have helped prevent serious incidents since the Success Tech shootings in October 2007.

Last term, lawmakers passed a measure allowing conceal/carry permitted guns in the statehouse garage.

Governor John Kasich resisted calls to veto it.

"We don't want to erode the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. That's important," he said.

Realistically, Patmon thinks the measure that has the best odds of getting support is the one about gun security.

The one least likely to pass, he believes, is the proposal dealing with signage.

"I've had a bit of hate mail on that one," he said.

A new legislature is sworn in Monday.

A spokesperson for Republican Speaker Bill Batchelder said it's too soon to discuss the prospects of Patmon's bills saying, "The speaker usually likes to discuss proposed legislation with his team first."


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