Some urge Boehner: let Dems pass fiscal cliff bill

11:05 AM, Dec 25, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers say Congress probably could resolve the so-called "fiscal cliff" if Republican leaders let Democrats provide most of the votes.

That would give Democrats a bigger voice in the bargain, of course, something the Republican-led House is loath to allow. Forty or more staunch conservatives kept Speaker John Boehner from passing a tax bill last week with Republican votes alone.

Now some lawmakers say Boehner should let Democrats provide most of the votes for a compromise that's more to President Barack Obama's liking.

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That would require Boehner to violate the unofficial "majority of the majority" rule. Recent speakers have followed the rule with few exceptions.

Big tax hikes and government spending cuts go into effect in the new year if Congress doesn't act by Dec. 31.

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