Ohio: The whole world is watching

10:20 AM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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COLUMBUS -- Both presidential campaigns held last-ditch dueling events Monday in Columbus.

Secretary of State Jon Husted says about 1.7 million Ohioans have early voted.

He is not feeling any pressure on the eve of Election Day, which is what his job is all about.

He predicts that Ohio's votes will be accurately counted and reported by late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

He predicts there will be lawsuits from both presidential campaigns.

"Let's face it. With as much at stake for the country and the parties, they'll litigate every crossed 'T' and dotted 'I' and period and comma....we're prepared for that," Husted said.

National and global reporters are in Ohio tracking the waning days of the campaign.

Nasser Hassaini is a correspondent for Al Jazeera. His reports are seen in more than 20 Mideast countries and the Mideast communities in the United States.

He says Midwest viewers want to know more about what both candidates' election would mean to them and their country.

He predicts his viewers will watch the election night drama as it unfolds.


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