'Fact-Checking' the first Presidential debate

11:10 PM, Oct 3, 2012   |    comments
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  • Both Mitt Romney and President Obama made some false accusations during Wednesday's debate.

    The candidates gave voters a lot of information to digest during Wednesday night's event, but political fact-checkers say not all of that information was accurate.

    With six topics to cover in 90 minutes, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama each touted his plan as the better one for America. In the process, the two candidates mispoke about their opponent's platform on more than one occasion. 

    NPR, Politifact.com and Factcheck.org all deployed political journalists to analyze the accuracy of the candidates' remarks.

    Channel 3 News followed what these non-partisan political fact-checkers were saying on Twitter during the Denver debate.

    You can read further analysis by clicking on the links on this page.


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