Between the Lines: Schools plan, Eaton and FBI probe

10:25 AM, May 27, 2012   |    comments
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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson came up short in a bid to get state lawmakers to pass his Schools Transformation Plan by a pre-holiday deadline.

The delay will mean the loss of several weeks of planning and preparation time to mount a campaign for a November school levy.

Charter schools want to weaken a committee to govern them under the mayor's plan

Will the plan get done in June? Why did lawmakers balk ?

Eaton Corporation is changing its corporate address to Ireland.

It's completing a big merger with an Irish firm. The move will mean it pays taxes at a lesser Irish rate.

Could it lead to an overhaul of the corporate tax structure and code to keep companies from moving assets  and dollars overseas?

The FBI is investigating campaign donations made to Senate Candidate Josh Mandel and Congressman Jim Renacci.

What is the probe zeroing in on? Should campaigns have flagged problems?

How should Cuyahoga County use its coming revenue from the Horseshoe Casino?

Would it be better focussed on more Downtown development or spread and shared with inner ring suburbs?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Democratic Former Shaker Heights Mayor Judy Rawson and Republican Former State Representative Matt Dolan on this edition of Between the Lines.


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