Track money, dealer pay dividing Ohio casino panel

9:43 AM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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COLUMBUS -- Lawmakers are expected to again consider legislation establishing rules for casinos and other gambling forms.

State Rep. Lou Blessing postponed a third committee vote on Wednesday, but panelists plan to meet Thursday morning.

Blessing is charged with striking a compromise on the state's new gambling law. He says the remaining differences appear philosophical.

The Cincinnati Republican invoked Solomon, the biblical baby splitter, in saying he's finding it impossible to appease both parties and both chambers. Their votes are needed to pass the sweeping bill.

Democrats want $500,000 annually for police and fire budgets in cities with racetracks with slots-like video lottery machines. Opponents argue the facilities will add to city coffers through property taxes.

Paying charity card dealers in Cleveland, where casino competition is luring volunteers, is another issue.


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